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About Toges Grand Maître Inc.

Ms. Gisèle Côté, Toges Grand Maître

It was in 1994 that Toges Grand Maître was born from a desire to offer lawyers and judges legal robes at an affordable price.

When it was acquired in 1996 by Ms. Gisèle Côté and her son Mr. Sylvain Côté, the new owners wanted to make Toges Grand Maître a company synonymous with high quality while maintaining the original idea of reasonable prices.

Maintaining low operating costs over the years, we continue to offer uncompromising premium quality, avant-garde design products that always meet the expectations and budgets of our customers.

From 2010 to 2013, Ms. Gisèle Côté trained and supervised the work of her tailor who was able to meet the challenge in the purest tradition of the company and ensure its continuity.

Since 2013, Mr. Sylvain Côté, with the support of his team, continues this same tradition in memory of Ms. Gisèle Côté, ensuring that Toges Grand Maître is a pledge of excellent value for money throughout Quebec and beyond.

Toges Grand Maître is pleased to offer educational institutions, through its TGM Graduation division, the products and services for graduation ceremonies and convocation.

Yours truly,

Sylvain Côté TGM Toges Grand Maître

Sylvain Cote